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CSR initiatives of Citi India

Desert Pastorale Program

India has a rich heritage and an elaborate tapestry of traditional handicrafts, but unfortunately artisans and craftsmen remain undervalued and continue to teether on the brink of collapse living a life of destitution and indignity.

With an aim to resurrect these heritage skills, Citi Foundation supported ‘Desert Pastorale’, an enterprise development program to empower the artisans of West Rajasthan's desert region. Implemented by ACCESS Development Services, an organization that offers specialized technical support in microfinance and livelihoods A STITCH IN TIME Desert Pastorale Program ACCESS Development Services so that I can spin even more silk yarn. I am happy now and want AT India to give me more cocoons Narmada Devi Spinner, Mansoona Village, Ukhimath, Rudraprayag 16 promotion, this program focuses on empowering rural artisans to develop their products, streamline their production processes and establish sustainable market linkages.

The program works with artisans in Appliqué and Khadi (hand spun and hand woven fabric) clusters. The Foundation's grant will be used to train artisans, help them improve their skills and provide design support to orient their products for high-value markets. The program aims at breaking new ground for these traditional products through a series of well strung interventions that will focus on the producers, the processes and the products and build their ability to better understand and negotiate with markets. The end objective of the program is to help the artisans increase their earnings by 50%.