Introducing CSRworld

CSRworld has a vision to create a vibrant and all encompassing platform for CSR (corporate social responsibility) thought and action. CSRworld has multiple dimensions - showcase CSR practices and case studies of corporates, highlight NGOs and projects which need support and funding from CSR budgets, listing of companies whose products and services will be utilised in implementing CSR projects, showcase social enterprises who combine the best of entrepreneurship and social good, news and views related to CSR and more. Be part of CSRworld, get noticed and benefit yourself and others.



The “Resources” section will feature companies whose products and services will be utilised in implementing CSR projects. The projects as well as corporates could get in touch with these providers of products and services which will be required for implementing various CSR initiatives. Examples would include companies which provide educational solutions, services and infrastructure, healthcare solutions providers, non-conventional energy devices and solutions providers, water filtration, drinking water solutions providers, sanitation and waste management systems providers and many other categories.


  • Health Check-up & Electronic Health Record for Students and Staff


    Health Programme is a commendable effort in the direction of identifying health problems and cultivating healthy habits among children. We at Genex Healthcare provide Medical Check-up of students, Electronic Health Records via application to Institute and Mobile App for parent which containing the health records of students.