Introducing CSRworld

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CSR initiatives of Citi India

Employability Education for India's Youth Program

The underprivileged, rural and semi-urban youth face a whole set of different challenges when seeking employment. With access to fewer resources than their urban counterparts, these young men and women rely significantly on their colleges and universities to equip them for a job.

In 2011, Citi Foundation was one of the first to provide a grant to Medha - an organization that supports existing college and high school students with employability training, leadership development, and career services. Medha's vision is to improve the employment outcomes for over one million students a year, across India. The grant aims to accelerate its ‘Employability Education for India's Youth’ program. The goal of the pilot program in 2011 was to train over 300 students in the age group of 18-25 from two to three colleges in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and leverage the knowledge IP created during this process for subsequent students.