Lotus Medical Foundation, Kolhapur
5. Care Centre

Lotus Medical Foundation has started Care Centre – Hospital only for HIV positive patients from June 2008. Services were total free of the cost for initial 5 years. From January 2014, minimum charges of Rs 200/- per day were started and after a year from January 2015 they were raised to Rs 250/- per day. These include food, nursing, and Doctors’ charges. The medicines are charged extra as actual. We buy generic medicines and give those to patients. So the patients get maximum benefit.

Patients come from Sangali, Miraj, and Karnataka border. We do have isolation room for sputum positive patients. And in near future we are expanding with ICU and private rooms for patients. Children get total free treatment under our ‘Child Adoption Program’. Women and very poor patients are made partially or totally free depending on the situation. Care centre continue to play a critical role in enabling PLHA to access ART, as well as provide monitoring, follow-up counselling support to pre ART and ART patients, positive prevention, drug adherence, nutritional counselling etc.


Facilities Available

  • Daily OPD – 12 to 3 pm, consultation services free of cost
  • IPD – for 12 patients, Isolation for sputum positive cases
  • Treatment by HIV physician
  • Generic medicines at cost to cost
  • Rs 250/- per day which includes food, nursing, Doctor
  • Counselling services
  • 30% beds are free for poor patients
  • Free IPD services for all children
  • Regular follow up for TB patients


Staff :

  • Medical Officers – 2
  • Counsellor – 1
  • Nurses – 4
  • Janitors – 3
  • Cook – 1
  • Outreach workers – 3
  • Part time accountant - 1


As of Today

Total 4067 patients are registered with Care Centre. 3232 patients had been admitted and 15964 number availed OPD services. And 520 deaths are reported.


Donors And Partners

Initially for five years NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation) funded the Project. Then Vodafone Foundation, Mahalaxmi Infrastructure and Many Individual Donors are supporting Care Centre.


Lotus Medical Foundation, Kolhapur - Care with compassion
Lotus Medical Foundation, Kolhapur - Care with compassion