Step Up foundation
Project 3 : Rehabilitation and counseling of juveniles at Juvenile Justice Board

In network with Juvenile Justice Board and Nehru Yuva Audyogik Kendra, we are dealing with juveniles engaged in antisocial activities directly or indirectly. Some of them are addicts. Challenge is to help them to come out of this negativity and anti social things and start routine life in main stream. These children are of age group 14-18 years. We conduct interactive sessions for them on self awareness, emotional management, goals and roles of life, sexuality, addiction, HIV/AIDS etc. Also we have counseling sessions with their parents. For getting them out of negativity, along with counseling it is important to keep them busy. So we conduct lot of creative activities for them. To connect them to mainstream it is important to develop some vocational skills. We are planning to arrange vocational training programs for them.


Activities under this project :

  • Vocational training
  • Recreational, Art and craft activities
  • Life skills sessions
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Parent counseling