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Case Study - CSR initiatives of Forbes Marshall

Shehernaz Medicare

A full fledged OPD and IPD with a team of specialist doctors

Witnessing a road accident on his way to work and having to carry the victims to Sassoon Hospital in his car, Darius Forbes, Director, Forbes Marshall, realized the need for a hospital in the vicinity. What started off as a dispensary in the factory premises in 1973 is today a fully equipped hospital, with about 30 beds, called Shehernaz Medicare Centre, named in the memory of Shehernaz Dalal at the Kasarwadi campus. The hospital has an operation theatre, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, radiology, physiotherapy and dentistry departments, a full time surgeon and physician and several visiting specialists including an orthopaedic surgeon, an oncologist and a psychiatrist. The hospital is open to employees, their families and everyone from the local communities of Kasarwadi, Morwadi and Bopkhel. A token payment of Rs 2 /- (about 1) is all it takes to seek admittance for treatment.

Health camps, like those for cancer detection and eye check-ups, are held from time to time throughout the community and when necessary, patients are referred to and treated at the appropriate facilities. As a result of these camps, we have been able to reach out to a greater number of our community members.

Additionally, with the help of our doctors, we conduct health awareness talks on a regular basis that cover topics such as basic nutrition, dental hygiene and other basic good health practices.


Education - CSR initiatives of Forbes Marshall