CSR initiatives of Visaka Industries Limited

As a responsible Corporate Citizen the management of Visaka has always held the view that the Corporate who benefit from the Society should pay back to the Society by taking up activities which would help uplift the standard of living of the people. Therefore Visaka Charitable Trust was established in the year 2000.

The CSR activity of the trust supports programs devoted to the cause of destitute, rural poor and providing the basic necessities of life. Main area of activity of the trust is to provide drinking water by digging bore wells, construction of irrigation tanks in remote villages, building of class rooms in schools and colleges, reimbursement of salaries of teachers, supply of class room furniture and conducting of health camps. Donated sewing machines women societies for their welfare. The major activities undertaken till date.

Message from Vice Chairmen


Vice Chairmen - Visaka Industries Limited“Visaka Industries as a responsible corporate citizen has the view that corporate who benefit from the society must give back something to the society; that an organization with the power to affect human lives must use the power wisely, and not abuse it. With this as its central philosophy, the Visaka Charitable Trust set up in the year 2000, has donated over US$ 1.25 million for social causes like education and clean drinking water to the poor in various parts of the country. It continues to do its social work, touching thousands of lives every day.”

Dr. G. Vivekanand,
Vice Chairmen - Visaka Industries Limited


Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Education


    CSR initiatives of Visaka Industries Limited Poverty is a major constraint in the education of children belonging to SC/ST. Children from these communities face specific disadvantages in their education and this must be given serious attention and quality education is paramount to every child.
  • Skill Development


    CSR initiatives of Visaka Industries Limited Providing employment opportunity to unprivileged rural youth has always topped the agenda in the community intervention projects of Visaka Industries and especially to the youth belonging to SC/ST community from Karimnagar and Adilabad districts. The prevalence of unemployment among youth in these areas is relatively high.
  • Health


    CSR initiatives of Visaka Industries Limited "A healthy family means a healthy society, a healthy society mean a healthy nation”. But the reality is many people in rural areas are suffering from lack of access to quality medical facility which in turn reflects an unhealthy community. In principle Visaka Industries believes in a holistic development of the poor in rural areas.
  • Drinking Water


    CSR initiatives of Visaka Industries Limited The district of Karimnagar and Adilabad are among the districts that are declared drought district by the Government of Andhra Pradesh two months ago. As water is the most basic necessity for human survival, it is the most common scene that the inhabitants of these districts travel miles to collect drinking water.