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Banwasi Seva Ashram
Join Us

You can participate in our endeavour to realize Gandhiji's dream of Gram Swaraj by joining hands with us in various ways :

Be a Volunteer in Ashram activities :

  • Teaching short term programs in schools run by BSA (English speaking, Maths, vocational training, crafts etc.)
  • As a technical expert / resource person in Ashram’s projects and programmes
  • Marketing Gramodyog products
  • Designing dresses / apparel using Khadi cloth
  • Work as a technician in BSA Clinic at Govindpur or at one of the Ashram’s health centres
  • Public health related activities in Ashram villages
  • Organizational activities: project documentation
  • Participating in various surveys conducted by BSA (such as water quality, air quality monitoring, health related surveys)
  • Participating in organic farming and Goshala related activities

Material Donations to Ashram :

  • Medicines, medical appliances and medical infrastructure for BSA Hospital at Govindpur and health related work in Ashram villages
  • Donations for school: books for school children, computers, infrastructure for vocational training (such as carpentry or other village crafts)

Monetary Donations :

  • For strengthening BSA Corpus Fund
  • For developing new infrastructure in Ashram
  • For improving existing infrastructure in Ashram
(Monitory donations to BSA are exempt from income tax under 80 C.)


Contact Us

Govindpur, Via Turra, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh (India), 231221

E-mail :
Mobile/ Cell Phone : +91-9455565111
Web-site :